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One of our client success stories.

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Body Solutions

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Newsletter Topics Include:

  • Weightloss and nutrition strategies
  • Education on hormones and how they interact with food & exercise
  • Current exercise trends
  • Awesome recipes that actually taste good!

Body Solution's Principles

  • 1

    Customized Fat Loss

    You will be given customized fat loss strategies based on your body type and hormone profiles.

  • 2

    See Progress In Real Time

    We will track your results so that you are motivated by the changes you see each and every week.

  • 3

    Community and Support

    You will enjoy coming to the gym knowing that like-minded people like yourself are all there to support and achieve the same results.

These 3 methods will set you up to look and feel amazing the rest of your life.

You Will Experience:

  • Fat loss without feeling deprived.
  • More energy so that you can do the things you love to do.
  • Enjoying the way you look with or without clothes.
  • Quick results.

Here Are Some Of Our Members

Jim got lean in 4 months.

Amazing success story of hard work, hectic life of a business owner, and dedication.  Jim made this amazing progress (and still going) with his trainer, Beth White, in just under 4 months.  What can you accomplish with the right support?

She lost over 25 pounds of fat, over 7 inches off her waist and cut her body fat in half!

Making a dramatic change isn't easy especially when you are busy!  Dee Dee's transformation was accomplished through the right strength training & cardio program for her body. The right nutrition plan and the proper guidance from her trainer.  With the right education and accountability anything is possible!

Danny lost 45 pounds of fat in 90 days with ZERO exercise.

This success story is pretty amazing. Danny lost 45 pounds of fat in 90 days with ZERO exercise. He worked with his trainer, Matt Terry, in our Bio Signature Hormone program and simply focused on the one thing he had time for right now, his nutrition. Without doing a single workout in 90 days he lost 45 pounds of pure fat and lost zero muscle. People can lose weight quickly but doing so without losing muscle tissue is very difficult.
He also lost 8 inches off his waist and was able to come off several medications. Oh and his wife lost almost 20 pounds in the same time frame without exercise also.
Just goes to show you, doing something and focusing on it completely is better than doing nothing and how important nutrition can be.

 The biggest reason people fail to achieve their transformation is education, not effort.

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